Hello friend, Latoya here! I want to first and foremost thank you all for taking the time to join me on this crazy adventure we love and know as motherhood! It sure is one heck of a ride!

For starters, I grew up in a small suburban New Jersey town as the oldest daughter of five. Our father was a very hard worker who spent countless hours working to keep our home financially afloat while our mother stayed home to raise and mold us into the awesome human beings we are today!

It was until the day I became a mother that I finally realized aaaaaall the sweat, blood and tears she put into raising us and keeping our home together. I grew a new appreciation for her and motherhood and aspired and prayed to be half the woman and mom that she was and still is. But long before I reached the point in my life of being called “Mommy” I was just little old Latoya Hill with a purpose and passion…a passion for using my gifts in creativity and patience with children in the form of education.

After high school I went on to study Early Childhood Education, and a few years later landed my first job in my chosen field. I became an assistant teacher with a toddler age class at a local Learning Center. I absolutely loved my time there, and knew then that this was the road and career I wanted to take on. Little did I know, God and life had other plans!

Two years into working at the Learning Center my then high school sweetheart now husband and I got the surprise of our lives! We learned we were expecting our first child. We were young and although I had lots of experience with children, there is nothing that can fully prepare you for the moment you step foot into motherhood. We had our ups and downs as new parents that first year but we got through those first year hurdles with stride.

Fast forward two years and we discover we’re expecting our second surprise! That same year, I said “I Do” to my love and we are going on eight years strong and counting. As quickly as I decided to dive deeper into growing in my career choice, life changed that course with our second addition. By that time although I loved my profession, I loved being a mom more. And so, when we decided to make a faithful move down south, I took advantage of the transition and made the choice to be a stay at home.

Over the past decade we have experienced all kinds of seasons of life, but most amazingly we have grown from a family of four to eight! Day by day, challenge by challenge and milestone by milestone, with each child I discovered who I was as a mother and aspire and strive to be as a mother. I discovered my weaknesses and my strengths, the things I agreed and disagreed with and much more…to say motherhood changed me is an understatement!

If you were to ask me years ago how many children I wanted. I would have shrugged with the answer “I don’t know”. As crazy as it gets some days, being a mom of so many may be a shock to some, but it feels nothing short of natural to me. I come from a big family, have always been drawn to and amazed by children…. went into college debt to be an influence in the future of children (no big deal! 😂) so to have a pack of my own only feels natural, like this was my purpose all along.

I love my husband and our children and our big life together and wouldn’t have it any other way. One of my most proudest achievements and greatest blessing in life are my children. I honestly can’t imagine a life without them! While motherhood did change me in many way I still stay true to who I am as an individual. A woman who loves to sing, craft, create and loves to embark on new adventures, such as this blog here! I also love to share, and share with you all I will. As our kids continue to grow, so do we as mothers, so will I as a mother. We can grow together, and I hope you join me in doing just that!

My fellow mom of many, thanks for joining me! See you next time!