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Holiday Gift Guide For Dad

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Happy Holidays everyone! Welcome to the first installment of my holiday gift guide series for 2019. As promised, I present to you the first of five guides. This guide is a curated list of funny, practical and meaning gifts that dad will love!

Shopping for the holidays can get a little overwhelming, especially if you find yourself completely clueless over what to get your loved ones. Hopefully this list will help alleviate you of your confusion and get you smooth sailing down the isles..or web pages!

Lets jump right into it!

Funny/Clever Gifts For Dad

Funny Socks

I can’t take the level of silliness that exist in these funny socks. Perfect for the couch potatoes we’ve come to adore so much! They come in a variety of sayings and is sure to make dad giggle.

Happy Socks

If the above socks won’t cut it, and dad happens to be a real sock enthusiast, go ahead and grab him one of these super stylish and fun Big Five Gift Boxes from Happy Socks.

Dad Nutrition Mug

This is one of the cutest and most clever coffee mugs I’ve seen so far. We went ahead and grabbed one for our amazing dad…sshhh, don’t tell him!


Ok, here me out on this one guys. It’s underwear…for your hands! Who said your hands can’t be as warm and cozy in those gloves as your bum is in your pants? It’s a winner, and dad’s gonna love these Handerpants!


Good Bye beer pong and hello Beeropoly! So, he thinks he is the reigning beer pong champ? Wait until you guys break this one out on him! Get the fun “brew-ing” with this board game full of challenges, dancing and more.

How To Traumatize Your Children

While the title of this book might throw you off a bit, trust me when I say it will have dad (and you) laughing for days to come. As one of my favorites, it’s a hilarious take on parenthood and all the ways you might end up traumatizing your kids for life.

Grill Sergeant Apron

Alright now! Dad’s going to feel like a real boss grilling in this bad boy of an apron. Get ready for burger…like, every night.

Practical Gifts For Dad

Kabob Grilling Baskets

Give dad the gift of easy grilling with these nifty Kabob grilling baskets. They will pair perfectly with his Grill Sergeant apron!

5-In-1 Tool Pen

This pocket size pen tool packs a lot of features. It comes with a screw driver, intergrated bubble lever, smart phone stylus, ruler and of course a pen with a clip.

Beard Catcher

Not only will Dad find this beard catcher nifty and useful, mom will love it too! Yay for no more hairs all over the sinks and counters!

Body Back Buddy Massager

What’s not to love about this gadget? Keep dad feeling great and on the move with this full body massager.

Beer Chiller Sticks

How cool are these beer/bottled drink chillers!? Not only does it cool dads drinks, this particular set comes with a cool built in spout and a free bottle opener card.

Beer Foaming Stone

We’ve got Beeropoly and Chilling Stick on the list, so why not add these insanely unique Foaming Stones to the mix? Made from soap stone (don’t worry, it’s not ACTUALLY soap of any kind) these little babies have a really fun to watch natural “nucleation” reaction to the carbonated beverage, allowing your drink to stay nice and fizzy down to the last sip!…Pretty cool huh?

Rotating Tie Rack

Does dad have too many ties for his own good? Help him keep them organized with this handy Rotating Tie Rack.

Meaningful Gifts For Dad

88 Conversation Starters For Husbands and Wives

This gift is a perfect one from mom and can be just the right thing to get the old romantic flame burning again. Full of laughs, nostalgia and thought provoking questions, 88 Great Conversation Starters is sure to bring out all the warm and fuzzy feels.

Fanchest Merch Box

Is dad a sports maniac? Gift him with one of these merch packed Fanchest boxes. My love happens to be a huge Raiders fan, but these boxes come in a variety of teams as well as sizes.

Engraved Wallet Insert

I know this gift has been around for quite a while, but it never gets old. Surprise dad with a super special engraved message that he can carry around for years to come.

Fandango Gift Cards

Is dad a movie buff? If so I’m sure he’ll a love a couple of Fandango Gift Cards. Round up the family for some QT time at the theater watching the hottest new ( or old favorite) movie together. Personalize them by adding a special photo.


A favorite amongst many, give dad the special gift of learning all about his lineage with 23andMe. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! I see lots of family bonding and discovering in the future.

Plan a Day of Doing Something He Loves

Keep it simple and sweet by planning a whole day, or even weekend doing the things dad loves the most! If your having trouble filling in your day(s) with activities, check out this great list by Christina over on her blog Raising Biracial Babies. It’s full of some great family friendly ideas!

And there you have it! That completes the first installment of That Mom Of Many’s Holiday Gift Guide series. Stay tuned for next weeks post where I’ll share an awesome list of gifts for kids. Don’t you fret, there will be a little bit of everything for everyone!


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