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How To Beat The Back To School Blues

You did it parents! You survived the summer and lived to tell the tales. It’s back to school! We are going to miss our mornings of sleeping in after binge watching Netflix and chomping on junk food all night long.

Most of our days were spent on the beach, at the playground or splashing around at the water park. Mini vacations to see family and friends were plentiful this year and I can’t tell you how much ice cream we managed to consume!

Then there were days where I found myself desperately trying to find legal ways to sell my children on Ebay because of how crazy they were driving me and each other. Yet still, even on their wildest of days, I enjoyed spending this precious time with my babies.

This summer was a great one for the books, and for the first time since becoming a school aged mom, I’m actually dreading the return of the school year. We’ve got ourselves a case of the back to school blues.

This year isn’t like years before. We’ve got two major milestones happening in our household and no matter how much I think I’ve “prepared” myself for them, here I stand ready to bawl like a baby. This year I send my first born to middle school, which is terrifying because well, its middle school! And although this is my fourth round of kindergarten, this year I send my child who I’m very overprotective of. This year is hard one.

For starters, I am not ready to wrap up summer fun or share my babies with their new parents away from home. Nor am I ready to hop back into early morning routines and rushes. I’m certainly not ready to combat anything in relation to math, spelling or family tree projects.

If this sounds a lot like what you may be going through, I’m right there with you! Lucky for us, there are ways to ease into this transition and were going to get through it together!

Start Practicing Your Routine Early

It goes without saying that the more you prepare yourself for a major change, the better acclimated you will become when the time arrives. Two weeks prior to the return of the school year, trade in those movie nights for a good nights sleep just as you would during the school year (that goes for you too momma!). Practicing your back to school routine will make the transition just a little easier on everyone.

Squeeze In A Few Educational Outings Before School

Just because school happens to be right around the corner doesn’t mean the festivities have to come to a halt just yet. When planning those last minute beach trips, throw in a few day trips to the museum or some reading time at the library to rewire our brains and get back into “learning” mode. The local library is full of resource and is great for keeping kids in sync not only throughout the summer but for back to school prep as well.

Talk About Those Back To School Jitters

As I mentioned, this year is bittersweet on a whole new level for our family with one going to Middle school and another headed to Kinder. It’s a transition that has naturally created quiet a bit of anxiety not only for the kids but for me as well. As a family that likes to keep open lines of communication, we find great solace in talking about these changes and new experiences we are all about to face.

Talk with your family about the things that scare them the most about these new milestones, and all the good things are going to come from them as well. Most importantly, make sure that everyone knows that they can ALWAYS speak up about anything that’s on their minds or may be happening during the school day. Share some of your silly back to school stories to lighten the mood. If it happens to be you that is struggling the most, talk to a fellow parent who has already or is currently experiencing this season.

Do not feel silly about having a hard time ushering your babies into a new phase of life, even if it is just the first day of school that you done a handful of times already. This may be completely new territory for you and you’re clueless on what this year has to offer. You spend every day of your life protecting and preparing them for these moments and here we are running into it head on….it’s a scary thing, but it’s part of life and it’s going to be A-ok!

Have The Kids Organize School Supplies With You

I’m not sure about yours, but there is nothing that excites my kids more about going back to school than getting fresh new supplies. Unless you’re a super mom with nerves of steel, I suggest skipping out on bringing the whole team for the dreaded school supply shopping trip if you have the choice. Otherwise, you may find yourself on repeat with our favorite word “NO” as they are going to want EVERYTHING that they don’t need!

I do highly suggest getting the kids involved once you are good and ready to dish everything out. The weekend before school starts, put everything out on the living room floor or kitchen table and hand them their lists. Have them find everything that they need and stuff their own back packs. The sense of accomplishment and readiness when done will have them on such a productive high that Monday morning wont be able to come fast enough for them.

Use This Time To Be Productive Too Momma!

Having the kids out of the house for eight hours a day during the week sounds like a great time to sit back and relax and be free! Don’t get me wrong, it is! Believe me, if it’s anyone who has earned it after enduring two and a half months of busyness with a bunch of bored and hungry children, it is you! But don’t forget to tend to your well being in this transition by using this time to accomplish the things that matter to YOU.

I’m not talking about house work or every day little things. I’m talking about your urge to do something you haven’t been able to do for a while now. Didn’t you say you wanted to go back to school? How long have you been putting off launching that blog of yours? Have you been yearning to get creative again and work on a new project or business venture? I say do it! Now is the perfect time to keep your self and your mind busy in a healthy way. This will also make for great conversation at the end of the day when sharing your accomplishments as a family.

Despite having felt a bit down and nervous about our new season, I am still overwhelmed with a sense of excitement for my family as well as yours! Perhaps it is knowing that God has his hands over my family, and as a result we truly have nothing to worry about! We are all destined for greatest and great is what we will be this new year! Here’s to kicking some major academic butt!

Have have you guys prepared for this new school year? Share your tips below!


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