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12 Things Moms Of Many Constantly Hear And What We Really Want To Say

If you’ve ever been out and about with your entire bunch, then I’m sure at some point in time you’ve been blessed with an array of interesting comments from strangers. I’m not going to lie, some of the comments I’ve received have tickled me pink. But, there are times when the comments just don’t sit well and leave me feeling extremely awkward and uncomfortable. The things that some people will say to complete strangers about something so personal blows my mind!

In most cases I’m able to let the comments slide right past me. Other times, I’m truly fighting to bite my tongue. I’m not one to be nasty right back, but I do love a witty “clap back” every once in a while. And so, with the help of my husband we’ve come up with a list of all the insane things that have ever been said to us along with some clever come backs that’ll have you walking away feeling like a winner!

1. “Oh, you got your hands full!”

“Right!?!…Actually, I’m so glad you noticed! Do you mind taking these two while I run over here? I swear it’ll only be 5 minutes!”

2. “You know how that happens, right?

“Wait, you mean like….something actually causes this!?!?😯….Pause! Let me get my pen!”

3. “Are they all yours?”

“Well actually, I found them wandering around behind the Waffle House and figured I’d hang onto them until their real parents show up!…why do you want one?”

4. “Are they from the same dad?”

(Ok, so this is a major WTF!?!?) but if they must know

“My husband and I sure thinks so, BUT, you can never be too sure, know what I’m sayin’?”

5. “Don’t you guys have a hobby?”

“…..YUP, you’re looking at em!…My husband and I have a bit of a thrill issue. The surprise factor never gets old!’”

6. “It’s time to get a tv in your house”

“Pppsshh! A TV!? Who needs one of those when your life is a TV show!!”

7. “Are you done yet/ is that the last one?”

“No, in fact we’re just going to keep going until we’re CERTAIN we have the one that’s going to make us millionaires!”

8. “The next one is going to be twins!”

“Oh my gosh, yes! That would be such a blessing! You know what would be an even bigger blessing?… If you became our neighbors and helped out with the twins! 😉”

9. “They only come in boy and girl, ya know”

“Whaaaaaahhh???…dang it! And all this time I’ve been looking for the mystery one!”

10. “Can I take a picture?” (Yes, someone has actually asked us this)

“I’m sorry, I’m going to need to see some disclosure forms before we take ANY photos cause you know, legal messes!”

11. “You have six kids? No you don’t!…Why???”

“Um, because birthday cake is everything and I need as many justifiable reasons as I can to eat it…every month.”

12. “Jeez, you guys trying to be the Duggar’s?”

“Hello!…do you see their house? One word, INTERCOM!…#goals!”

Well friends, there you have it! The craziest things we’ve ever had said to us! What are some of the craziest things you wish you can unhear and what were your epic response?


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